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The TWB company specializes in the storage and maintenance of Umbraco websites in all versions. We offer premium storage services on private, fast and secure servers, including a backup envelope, technical support and other services according to your needs.

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Included in all hosting packages

Mini hosting package

(landing pages and minisites)


per month

  • Up to 5 pages of content
  • File storage volume up to 500MB
  • Database volume 250MB
  • Up to 300MB of RAM memory utilisation

Basic hosting package

(for image sites)


per month

  • File storage capacity 1GB
  • Database volume 500MB
  • Up to 600MB of RAM memory utilisation

Advanced hosting package

(store sites and multi-page content)


per month

  • File storage capacity 2GB
  • Database volume 1000MB
  • Up to 1000MB of RAM memory utilisation

Premium hosting package

(multiple pages, editing and movement)


per month

  • File storage capacity 4GB
  • Database volume 2000MB
  • Up to 2000MB of RAM memory utilisation

Megapack hosting package


  • Custom storage volume
  • Custom database volume
  • Custom RAM memory utilization
  • Scalability and load support

Which package would you like?

Advanced protection

Firewall hardware


per month

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Extended backup package

Additional backups on a separate server

Monthly backup

100₪ per month

Weekly backup

300₪ per month

Daily backup (Sunday-Thursday)

1200₪ per month

VIP service

Extended site maintenance retainer

Dealing with faults in the website code and the various components and maintaining full functionality, ongoing training and technical support including meeting the SLA starting from 1800 NIS per month, depending on the size of the website and the scope of the activity.

Contact us to receive an offer adapted to your site.

Website content management retainer

Entering content to the site, using images with an international stock license, the possibility of co-writing services and sending newsletters. Starting from NIS 1000 per month, depending on the required scope of activity.

Contact us to receive an offer adapted to your site.

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